Leo Jensen Consulting can provide effective and efficient in-house locum management and advisory services to clients.

With over 30 years working in, or being associated with, local government in Queensland, Leo Jensen has a genuine understanding of the needs of local councils and of the complex political environments in which they operate.

Through this experience, Leo appreciates first-hand the demands on council senior executives to deliver upon community expectations, sometimes with limited human resources at their disposal to deliver budgeted programs.

If you or members of your team are under such pressures, then Leo Jensen Consulting can assist.

An accomplished and highly experienced team manager with a breadth of experience relevant to most planning projects, Leo is capable of successfully backfilling a secondment, vacancy or short-term placement at any time; confidently taking the reins, guiding and supporting teams in meeting project goals.

He can also be a business mentor for an aspiring, less experienced, internal candidate.

Leo Jensen Consulting has also undertaken research, investigation and advisory services for clients. Research assignments include, but are not limited to:

  1. Planning assessments and demographic analysis
  2. Land use opportunities and constraints analysis
  3. File reviews and peer reviewing planning reports
  4. Process reviews and comparative analysis of development assessment systems.

Investigations may be associated with external complaints received by clients who require an independent third party to undertake an internal investigation (to ensure proper process has been undertaken in accordance with relevant Acts, regulations, and the client’s internal policies).

Leo Jensen Consulting also offers clients a demonstrated track record of building strong team cultures, and work environments that promote trust, innovation, creativity, respect, and excellent customer service.

Leo Jensen is Belbin Team Roles Accredited and works with allied partners in providing clients valuable insights into individual and team profiling, using the Belbin Team Roles Model.

Leo Jensen Consulting provides services associated with the delivery of training and assessment, often for local government and land use planning. These services include councillor training and one-on-one mentoring.

Leo has previously worked closely with the Local Government Association of Queensland and the Planning Institute of Australia in the delivery of training.

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