Leo Jensen commenced his career as an urban and regional (town) planner.  He has worked in both the public and private sectors and understands ‘both sides of the fence’ when it comes to preparing and assessing planning applications and negotiating agreed outcomes.

He can advise on:

  • Strategic land use planning
  • Development assessment
  • Consultation – internal and external (community consultation)
  • Environmental planning and planning management (including surveys)
  • Peer review.

Often planning related projects require some form of consultation to assist with the planning process and to engage with a range of stakeholders.

Leo Jensen undertakes numerous consultation programs, including:

  • Urban and regional planning e.g. Local plan & planning scheme consultation.
  • Neighbour disputes e.g. Animal control building.
  • Business and industry forums.

Leo’s services can be performed in-house or externally.  Many clients prefer Leo to work in-house to assist with knowledge transfer to personnel, to help with mentoring and to further their continuous improvement processes.

Over the past three decades Leo has led and managed large multidisciplinary teams across a range of programs, including strategic planning, development assessment; economic development, environmental planning and infrastructure planning.

Leo has helped clients prepare successful grant applications securing external funding for community development, disaster resilience, environmental, and waste management programs.

Having significant advocacy experience Leo has prepared submissions to various State review processes e.g. regional planning and project lobbying e.g. Big Rocks Weir and Senate Inquiries e.g. Expansion of Australian defence training areas.

An accomplished and experienced planner and advisor, private clients have called upon Leo’s experience and networks to help navigate the assessment process and respond to compliance matters to achieve acceptable outcomes with local authorities.

Leo offers advisory services for site selection and due diligence enquiries, and third-party peer reviews of specialist reports and assessments.

Leo Jensen Consulting can work within a budget and provides value for money services.

Please call us to discuss your consultation needs.

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